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Deals & Discounts

Check our current deals on products, industry discounts, and other money saving offers.

Discounts & Savings

From when we first opened we have offered special money saving offers and industry discounts.

Policewoman Outdoor

First Responder Discount 10% OFF

EMT, Firefighters, Police Officers, & Paramedics

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Military Discount 10% OFF

All branches of the military active or retired

Paying through the Car Window

Punch Card Program

Because of legal restrictions it is against the law to give discounts based on how much you buy. Volume coupons are punishable by a 1000 fine to the retailer per violation.

Our punch card is based on visit to our store not on dollar volume spent. Which at this time remains the only legal way to do it. 


Special Offers

We run special offers on products for more information CLICK HERE

Disposable Battery Recycling Program

Millions of disposable vape batteries are being thrown away everyday without the proper recycling. These batteries go into landfills which can take up to 100 years to break down and then leak heavy metals and other corrosive chemicals into the earth.

In an effort to combat this Save On Vapor has introduced the "Disposable Battery Recycling Program." If you return your used disposable vape to us we will give you a dollar credit against an item on your next purchase. We hope that this will encourage users to bring in their batteries so we can deliver them to our local battery recycling center. 

Terms and Conditions Apply
One Used Disposable = $1 dollar off a single line item.
Multiple devices cannot be combined to purchase an item. 

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