Meet with one of our commission free team members to browse our selection of vaporizer devices; what they do and how they work. Choosing the right device can make all of the difference in reaching your vaping goals. There is no one vape fits all out there.

When using a new device there can be a learning curve involved, if you are struggling with your vaporizer stop by for a short instructional and refresher on device operation. 

Whether you are a long time or first time vapor we are ready to do our best in assisting you with all of your vapor related needs.


We carry a wide selection of hardware, whether you need a whole new setup or just a replacement coil to get back to vaping there is something for everyone. Now of course it's not possible to carry every piece for every vape out there but we carry a healthy selection of the most popular brands and their replacement parts. 

Sourcing authentic quality parts is top priority at Save On Vapor and when you buy it from us know that all of our products are the genuine article. No clones, counterfeits, or imitations in stock at any of our stores. 


Top Quality American Made Liquid has been the focus of our business from the very beginning. We proudly sell Save On Vapor brand liquid that is made in a state of the art laboratory compliant with all of the latest regulations and safety requirements. No added sweeteners, No diacytol, No acetone. USP Kosher Grade Ingredients. 

Aside from our Save On Vapor brand liquid we carry over 75 national boutique flavors from brands across the U.S. only. Brands like Pacha Mama, Naked 100, Innevape, Jam Monster, & Keep it 100 to name a just a few. Liquid is available in both freebase and salt based nicotine, as well as JUUL and JUUL compatible pods. 

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